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It also includes standing and sitting meditations, massage, therapeutic healing techniques, and other health and energy-building practices. Qigong is also sometimes referred to as Chinese yoga.

History of qigong

It is both healthy and can be taught in very different ways, levels and focus, as many as there are personalities of teachers and students. You just have to try and decide what feels good for you. That also includes: which teacher is the right one for you. Some people like to try a bit of this and a bit of that and then just take and see that they like. That's ok with me. If you like to walk, just walk and it doesn't matter where you go.

Only if you want to go somewhere, chose a path and stick to it. If you go left today and right tomorrow, the walk can be nice, but you will not reach your goal. That doesn't mean you can't change your goal. Just be aware of your intentions.

Chi Free-Flow For Health, Wellness & Martial Arts

Taoism is the ancient spiritual, nature-based philosophy native to China. The Taoists sought to understand reality and how we are a part of it and exist under its natural laws. The Taoists explained that before the universe came into existence, everything nothing?

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If there is nothing, then no differentiation can exist. Just like plus and minus, each opposite exists because of the existence of the other. The Taoists say that the yin and yang born from the state of tai chi give rise to all things and processes in the universe. That is why tai chi chuan delves into a serious study of the balance of yin and yang — physically, mentally and spiritually.

What does “Tai Chi Chuan” Mean and Why is It Also Spelled as “Taijiquan?”

The goal is to understand this balance in yourself and to be able to manifest a change in your balance of yin and yang. You can also read the research done by the Mayo Clinic by selecting the link below:. Aspects of the correct posture are also practiced through meditation. Stretching is very important to prepare your muscles and ligaments for the movements in class. Not only will it assist you in preventing injury, but make learning the form and future forms easier.

There is heavy emphasis on learning stances and postures correctly. Forms - We start with 8 move and 24 move Yang style. Each form has different martial arts moves in a sequence, that take time to memorize. Applications of each move are taught little by little to understand the purpose and correct energy placement of each move.

When beginning, just follow, allow your muscles to get used to the movements, over time it will become easier to remember.

Dr Yang Jwing Ming - Chi Kung - Health and Martial Arts

Your patience will be rewarded in many ways, and a new community will be opened to you that transcends age and cultures. What is the progression? Frequently Asked Questions. This stage is described by many Yang stylists as moving as though the air is dense, Sun Lu-tang said that you should move as though you were inside water with your feet on the ground and against the resistance of water.

Both descriptions are similar, both describe the execution of most of the movements in Chen and Sun styles. Benefits to health and self-defence. In essence both styles are internal martial arts, self-defence is an essential requirement.

As internal art which strength both body and mind they are both excellent exercises for health. To be efficient in martial art one needs to be strong to deliver force, to absorb incoming force, as well as keeping your mind clearly to concentrate well. All these are also beneficial to mental and physical health. There are some differences of emphasis on health or self-defence by the two styles; I will discuss this later. Most Tai Chi sets follow similar constructions, initially a warming up, then working up to a climax, and follow by slower movements.

Both sets, Sun Style 73 Forms and the Chen Style 56 Forms, contains two climaxes and then the slower winding down movements before finishing. One of the main characteristics that set Tai Chi apart from external martial art is that Tai Chi is artistic in its self-defence rationale. Fighting in a blow-to-blow fashion is brutal, and will result in injury for both parties.

Essence of Tai Chi Quan and Qigong

The exact movements are different but both styles follow the same rationale. I will analyse several movements to illustrate three of these aspects from the Sun Style 73 Forms and the Chen Style 56 Forms. I have chosen the modern Forms not because the traditional Forms are better or worse, it is my understanding that the modern Forms are more standardised therefore easier to established a common ground.

This is evident throughout the whole set, typically illustrated by the movement Brush Knee and Twist Step movement 10 of Sun style 73 Forms. Picture 1 and 2. The advantage of following your steps is that instead of stretching your body with bigger steps as in executing a bow stance, the quick following steps enable you to be in an advantageous position with regard to balance, agility and flexibility.

Also as your back foot step forward, it generates new force when the foot touches and push down the ground.


See Picture 3 and 4 By following steps it also facilitates the issuance of force. Pushing down the back foot as you step forward generated a new force, the force is then transferred to the leg, hip, waist, body and deliver through both hands. Cannon Punch generates quick and crisper force, while Brush Knee and Twist Step of Sun style has a much more subtle force, nonetheless both forces are just as powerful.

There is a belief that your foot needs to be flat on the ground before you can generate force. This is not true for these movements, in fact throughout the Sun style 73 forms, force is generated frequently from the same way. If you study both of these movements, the essential point is that when the back foot touches ground, the ball of the foot pushes downward to generate force. Try to generate force with the front foot, which is fully on the ground, there will be much less power and in fact cause you to unbalance.

Once you reach the end of the movement the power starts from the foot, transfers to the waist and then is delivered through your hands.

Shaolin White Crane Qigong (YMAA chi kung) Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming - Chinese chi kung

It is almost identical, e. Please note these two names are the same in Chinese, somehow the translation changes them. In Sun style Fan Back, raising from a bending down position, the body turn slightly to the right, the back foot generate force which travels in a gentle spiral to the waist, trunk and deliver through the left hand. When practising this movement it is important to incorporate the spiral force into the movement otherwise it will lack internal power.

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  • The swing here is much bigger, the force is faster and with more curve in the spiral. The spiral force is evident, generated from the stamping of ground of the right heel. For example: Form 58 Fair Lady Working At the Shuttles picture 7 , at any of the first three corners, one hand blocking an incoming punch, the other attaching side way toward the arm pit. The front lower limb twisting outward and the back one following step and twisting inward to form five spiral forces.

    Smaller and subtler than Chen style but the mechanism of spiral forces is there. Compare to one of the earlier movement of Form 2 Golden Guard Stamping Foot, Chen style picture 8 , spiral force through the form is obvious and powerful. Five spiral forces of different direction like five bows to culminate the attack. My senior student was right that there are many differences between both styles.