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Give them time: they have the eagerness to outdo any Inquisition. Because, the tell themselves, they are only doing their duty. They all talked like little Eichmanns. Like Eichmann they will do anything in the name of their job. They will be answerable for nothing.

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Torture itself becomes no more than the pursuit of their daily routine. First, by the way, was assassinated by a letter bomb in Even John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, who is portrayed in the artwork on p. That reminds me of the John Banville fiction piece starting on the same page. VERY well written:. It uttered its gratifying whumpf and did that little trick of sucking the flame from the match, then the delicate filigree of wires glowed and the ashy waffle behind them began slowly to turn blush-pink.

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I have a great fondness for such humble gadgets: scissors, tin openers, adjustable reading lamps, even the flush toilet. Morris Friedman is informative on the anti-labor Pinkerton Detective Agency. There is Hitchcock on The Macguffin. Edward Snowden is present in Conversations, p.

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The extended essays in the Further Remarks section are excellent. There is an essay on drones. This is yet another great issue. Read it and ponder. Who is watching YOU? It all does not bode well. Since L. It is white-covered with very high quality paper throughout, richly printed reproductions of fine art from time immemorial, and exactly pages up to the Sources index at the back.

I have 6 archive issues remaining to have read them all the first time. Wow so comprehensive and such impressive research! I learned a lot. Thank you. You are very kind as always. I really enjoy reading LQ. One could write a book about every issue. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The book formerly belonged to my grandfather and was passed along to me after he died. Reading the book can feel like traveling back in time.

Size, weight of paper, and margins have been reduced to conserve material necessary for the war effort. A devious tale in the hands of a shrewd, calculating writer. Romains just might be due for a resurgence. The first thought that comes to one is that it ought to be possible to give a date by finding out the age of the houses concerned. A number of them are, indeed, of almost exactly the same date.

But if one presses the investigation, one finds oneself coming up against some that are older, others that are more recent. The thing must have begun a long time ago.

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Where precisely, and at what date? Some of those who are in the secret may know of some tradition. The business must have continued during the Revolution, when it undoubtedly had a particular value. But the probability is that the systematic development of the scheme, the attempt to complete what had been already begun, belongs to the first third of the nineteenth century.

The best thing I can do, I think, is to describe to you how I first stumbled on the secret. One day I was visiting a certain lady, a very great friend of mine, and a member, as one says, of the very highest social circles. She lives in a handsome apartment in the middle of Paris, not far from my own home, and situated in one of those quarters that today are no longer very popular because the streets are too noisy and too dark, the elevators too old, the bathing arrangements too crude, the rooms too high and too big and difficult to heat and furnish.

She herself is young, very lovely, and married. I had got back into my clothes and was perfectly decent. She, on the other hand, had merely slipped on a pretty little house gown; her hair was not very tidy, and she was wearing on her feet a pair of bedroom slippers. She was in a lively and forthcoming mood.

At the far end of the boudoir she opened a door that I had already noticed, which was not locked. Passing through it we found ourselves in one of those narrow passages to which I have referred. I had seen it of old, but had never walked down it. At the far end was a large curtain of faded velvet that masked a door. This door my friend opened with the key which she had brought with her. She closed it behind us, though leaving it unlocked.

The Three Hundred and Sixty-Five Apartments (or Back Rooms)

We were in another rather wider but shorter passage. We crossed a large, ill-lit room that seemed to be used as a storeroom, and took a third passage that ended in a dark but very large anteroom. Before reaching it we passed a door behind which we could hear people talking. From the anteroom we could see, through a wide open double door, a large drawing room with a heavy hanging luster.

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But we did not enter it. Everything bore evidence of the routine of daily life. My friend led me out of the anteroom down yet another passage. He turned it on and looked into the tennis-ball-sized camera on the top of the monitor. The camera recorded his face and scanned his iris, transmitting an image to the central database, verifying his identity, and granting him access to predetermined levels of classification.

Not a second later, he was in.

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What he wanted to show me was something I was not supposed to see: a volume of intelligence reports so large it made him mad just thinking about having to look through them all, which he was supposed to do, every day. As he scrolled down page after electronic page, dozens of icons raced by, each representing a different analytical website produced by a different government agency, many of them military intelligence, a few CIA, and the others a collection from an alphabet soup of names, all of which not even he was familiar with.

Some were distributed daily; others came out once a week, monthly, or annually.