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Sacred and Secular in African American Music

Gordon Jan 1, Only 1 left in stock - order soon. We follow the Hemingses to Paris, where James Hemings trained as a chef in one of the most prestigious kitchens in France and where Sally arrived as a fourteen-year-old chaperone for Jefferson's daughter Polly; to Philadelphia, where James Hemings acted as the major domo to the newly appointed secretary of state; to Charlottesville, where Mary Hemings lived with her partner, a prosperous white merchant who left her and their children a home and property; to Richmond, where Robert Hemings engineered a plan for his freedom; and finally to Monticello, that iconic home on the mountain, from where most of Jefferson's slaves, many of them Hemings family members, were sold at auction six months after his death in As The Hemingses of Monticello makes vividly clear, Monticello can no longer be known only as the home of a remarkable American leader, the author of the Declaration of Independence; nor can the story of the Hemingses, whose close blood ties to our third president have been expunged from history until very recently, be left out of the telling of America's story.

With its empathetic and insightful consideration of human beings acting in almost unimaginably difficult and complicated family circumstances, The Hemingses of Monticello is history as great literature.

African American Culture Contributions

It is a remarkable achievement. Hine, Darlene C. Brooklyn: Carlson Publishing, B v.

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The experiences considered are those of women from Africa, the Caribbean, Canada, and the U. Topics include, among others, African women in the Atlantic slave trade; slave narratives of young women in the s in the West Indies and the U. Stanford, eds. Piscataway: Rutgers University Press, Johnson and Stanford present this collection of 11 papers as a corrective. The contributions are diverse in subject and argument, with examinations of the leadership style of the Nation of Islam, the history and ideology of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the persistence of welfare rights activism, and the political involvement of black churches.

Also available in print. Joseph, Peniel E. Joseph puts this pat assessment to the test, showing the 60s—particularly the tumultuous period after the passage of the Voting Rights Act—to be the catalyst of a movement that culminated in the inauguration of Barack Obama Joseph argues that the Voting Rights Act burst a dam holding back radical democratic impulses.

This political explosion initially took the form of the Black Power Movement, conventionally adjudged a failure. Joseph resurrects the movement to elucidate its unfairly forgotten achievements Told through the lives of activists, intellectuals, and artists, including Malcolm X, Huey P.

Black Leaders During Reconstruction

Locke, Alain, ed. New York : Simon and Schuster, Main Library PS McGuire, Danielle L. At the dark end of the street : black women, rape, and resistance : a new history of the civil rights movement from Rosa Parks to the rise of black power. New York: Knopf, The truth of who Rosa Parks was and what really lay beneath the boycott is far different from anything previously written In this groundbreaking and important book, Danielle McGuire writes about the rape in of a twenty-four-year-old mother and sharecropper, Recy Taylor, who strolled toward home after an evening of singing and praying at the Rock Hill Holiness Church in Abbeville, Alabama.

Seven white men, armed with knives and shotguns, ordered the young woman into their green Chevrolet, raped her, and left her for dead. Her name was Rosa Parks. In taking on this case, Parks helped to launch a movement that ultimately changed the world The author gives us the never-before-told history of how the civil rights movement began; how it was in part started in protest against the ritualistic rape of black women by white men who used economic intimidation, sexual violence, and terror to derail the freedom movement; and how those forces persisted unpunished throughout the Jim Crow era when white men assaulted black women to enforce rules of racial and economic hierarchy.

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Black women's protests against sexual assault and interracial rape fueled civil rights campaigns throughout the South that began during World War II and went through to the Black Power movement. The Montgomery bus boycott was the baptism, not the birth, of that struggle At the Dark End of the Street describes the decades of degradation black women on the Montgomery city buses endured on their way to cook and clean for their white bosses.

It reveals how Rosa Parks, by one of the most radical activists in Alabama, had had enough. The protest, intended to last for twenty-four hours, became a yearlong struggle for dignity and justice. It broke the back of the Montgomery city bus lines and bankrupted the company We see how and why Rosa Parks, instead of becoming a leader of the movement she helped to start, was turned into a symbol of virtuous black womanhood, sainted and celebrated for her quiet dignity, prim demeanor, and middle-class propriety, her radicalism all but erased.

And we see as well how thousands of black women whose courage and fortitude helped to transform America were reduced to the footnotes of history. A controversial, moving, and courageous book.

McLemee, Scott, ed. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi, Noguera, Pedro. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Education professor Noguera examines the cultural, societal—and personal—factors that create the stubborn link between race and poverty. In this compelling series of essays, Noguera cites research and his own personal experience—as a minority, a father, and an educator—to explore the myriad ways that young black and Hispanic males are expected to run afoul of middle-class American norms and often do.

He argues that public schools, despite their abysmal record, are the only institutions with the access and resources to turn around troubling social trends. He points to research comparing the disciplinary tactics of public schools and prisons, institutions that have far too much in common with so many male minority students dropping out of schools and landing in prison.

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Black World Studies - Miami University

A thoughtful look at issues of race and educational equity. Reverby, Susan. Main Library R The subject of histories, films, rumors, and political slogans, it provoked an official federal apology from President Bill Clinton in a White House ceremony Susan M. Reverby offers a comprehensive analysis of the notorious study of untreated syphilis, which took place in and around Tuskegee, Alabama, from the s through the s. The study involved hundreds of African American men, most of whom were told by doctors from the U.

Public Health Service that they were being treated, not just watched, for their late-stage syphilis. Reverby examines the study and its aftermath from multiple perspectives to explain what happened and why the study has such power in our collective memory.

She follows the study's repercussions in facts and fictions. Rickford, John and Russel Rickford. Thompson, Shirley E. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. Despite its image as a place apart, the city played a key role in nineteenth-century America as a site for immigration and pluralism, the quest for equality, and the centrality of self-making In both the literary imagination and the law, creoles of color navigated life on a shifting color line.

As they passed among various racial categories and through different social spaces, they filtered for a national audience the meaning of the French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution of , the Civil War and Reconstruction, and de jure segregation Shirley Thompson offers a moving study of a world defined by racial and cultural double consciousness. In tracing the experiences of creoles of color, she illuminates the role ordinary Americans played in shaping an understanding of identity and belonging. Vaca, Nicolas C. New York: Rayo, Indeed, as the number of Latinos has increased dramatically over the last ten years, competition over power and resources between these two groups has led to surprisingly antagonistic and uncooperative interactions.

Many African Americans now view Latinos, because of their growth in numbers, as a threat to their social, economic, and political gains Vaca debunks the myth of "The Great Union" and offers the hope he believes each community could learn from, in order to achieve a mutually agreed upon agenda.

More than simply unveiling the problem, The Presumed Alliance offers optimistic solutions to the future relations between Latino and Black America. Van Horne, Winston A. Topics include the Bell Curve; the role of religion in the cultural foundations of ethnonationalism; national identity and rights in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and Central Asia; and the issue of ethnonationalism in Yugoslavia, China, the Baltic, Russia, Nigeria, and Canada.

West, Cornel. Race Matters. Beacon Press is proud to present this hardcover edition with a new introduction by Cornel West. The issues that it addresses are as controversial and urgent as before, and West's insights remain fresh, exciting, and timely. Now more than ever, Race Matters is a book for all Americans—one that will help us build a genuine multiracial democracy. Williams, Yohuru.

Edited by Frank Burch Brown

Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub. Overlooked have been the efforts that branches of the organization undertook for practical economic and social progress within African-American neighborhoods, frequently in alliance with whites. Yohuru Williams' study of black politics in New Haven culminating in the arrival of the Panthers argues that the increasing militancy in the black community there was motivated not by abstractions of black cultural integrity but by the continuing frustrations the leadership suffered in its dealings with the city's white liberal establishment.

Woodson, Carter G. The Mis-education of the Negro. Trenton: Africa World Press, printing. Blassingame, John W. New York: Oxford University Press, B55 : Taking into account the major recent studies, this volume presents an updated analysis of the life of the black slave--his African heritage, culture, family, acculturation, behavior, religion, and personality. Franklin, John Hope. Boston: McGraw-Hill, The ninth edition of this best-selling text has been thoroughly rewritten and reorganized to reflect the most current scholarship on African-American history.

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  • Beginning with greater coverage of ancestral Africa, the text contains new material on African American migration, notable African American women, popular culture, and the election. The text also has a fresh new 4-color design with new charts, maps, photographs, paintings, and illustrations. Written by legendary, award-winning authors, From Slavery to Freedom remains the most revered, respected, honored text on the market Middletown: Wesleyan University Press, Williams, Eric. Capitalism and Slavery. Main Library HC W5 : Slavery helped finance the Industrial Revolution in England.

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    • Plantation owners, shipbuilders, and merchants connected with the slave trade accumulated vast fortunes that established banks and heavy industry in Europe and expanded the reach of capitalism worldwide Eric Williams advanced these powerful ideas in Capitalism and Slavery , published in Years ahead of its time, his profound critique became the foundation for studies of imperialism and economic development.

      Binding an economic view of history with strong moral argument, Williams's study of the role of slavery in financing the Industrial Revolution refuted traditional ideas of economic and moral progress and firmly established the centrality of the African slave trade in European economic development.